site maintenance

This one’s only a short one today. It has been a busy weekend and I’m currently working on a couple of new scripts, therefore it has pushed time away from posting!

I have been meaning to do some minor changes to the layout of the site, especially moving the cumbersome script dumps I’ve done on separate pages in the past. The two scripts I had available for download and viewing are now on GitHub, so if anyone is interested and needs them they can be found here:

rand_ip >> Bash script to generate random IPv4 addresses with CIDR mask
looneyTunes >> Bash script to practice generating users, groups, cron jobs and using utilities such as find and grep

I will be posting further projects on GitHub and what I am looking to start achieving is, rather than posting the script on this site, I will cover some of the learning processes, troubleshooting and such that I went through while writing the script.

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